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I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family this week. Little Y. has such gorgeous and expressive eyes, and although he’s only 12 months old he is walking and talking like a real toddler. It’s a really cute age, that halfway place between babyhood and toddlerhood… and like every other childhood stage it passes so so quickly.

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One part of my job that I really enjoy is meeting old clients again when they come back for portraits a few years later. So much has changed; the baby I photographed then is now a child, there are 1 or more additional siblings, and its always so nice to see how the family has grown and changed over the years. Since I remember the faces of everyone I photograph (although don’t ask me to remember names)  I usually see the resemblance of the little baby I photographed in the now older child’s face. In this case, I photographed 3 year old Y. as a baby, and he totally still has the same face- and those striking blue eyes are still just as beautiful. His little sister’s eyes are just as stunning. At 18 months old, we didn’t quite see eye to eye on the whole sitting still for portraits thing, so I’m lucky that the few we did get are beautiful. 

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I had a great time photographing this beautiful family on Sunday. The focus of the portrait session was adorable T. – a total cutie who really enjoyed being in front of the camera- especially when all her older siblings stood behind me making her laugh hysterically! Just look at her happy expressions in these photos and you’ll get a great sense of her personality. 

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